Monday, September 21, 2009

Beginning of Week 3 -- Some paintings.

time: 4-5 hours;
time: 5-6 hours
time each: 1 1/2 - 2 hours;
time: 20-45 minutes

Some character concept paintings, and story development paintings. Been busy -- back to the grind, I suppose.

I'm pretty sick, but hopefully it won't hinder my film or my portfolio. Go Lei go.


  1. My top hat off to you milady, your painting skills have definitely improved. If I were to criticize anything I would say that you could work more on the characters from Solace.

    Perhaps you could exaggerate the poses or add more contrasting colours. Even though these studies are meant for a video game portfolio they have a static quality to them right now. They are acceptable but aren’t as vibrant as your Red Wolfe colour studies.

    Other then that bit of nitpicking, your work is impressive and I look foreword to your next creation. <3

  2. Cool! I'm liking the Red Wolfe colour studies 8)