Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zoo Trip!

So I went to the zoo today. I did a bunch of really bad drawings, and these two pages.

For whatever reason, the flamingos had a showdown, like...9 times. Followed by the awkward spider monkey porno that occurred only moments later.


Yes. that Flamingo's head is upside down. It WAS actually doing that.


  1. Haha, awesome flamingos! They're so wack.

  2. Now I wish I'd gone, those flamingos are awesome.

    Especially that one in the middle. He looks like he doesn't mess around; he's got the crazy eyes.

  3. It was incredibly surreal. You'd be standing there, trying to draw them sleeping - they kind of looked like a field of pink lollipops. Then you'd hear some squawking, and you'd look up and they were biting each others head off and cawing and screaming and stomping around like someone had set another on fire.

  4. hehe, I like the flamingos. I saw goat porno at the zoo.... it all started with one who got turned on for some reason, then they all decided to mate. There was even some male on male stuff happening. Honestly, what do they feed them!!!

  5. Wow! Leisha you've touched peoples heart with ur artistic works. I am impressed with your