Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speed Painting -- 1 Hour or so

medium: a very angry photoshop cs4;

So Photoshop crashed like 9 times when I was doing this, so it was originally going to be a lot longer and a lot more refined but I lost my patience.

So have a mostly blocked in, refined face, painting. :)

P.S. my room is still a chaotic mess. I have not started.

Also - out of interest's sake; I decided to post me some premises that I've either worked on or are in the process of refining:

Red Wolfe:

An up and coming jazz singer has a rather odd run-in with a veteran of the vaudeville strip before her first show.

You've seen this one before. To be honest, it's the only one that's working right now and yes, I have changed it a smidgeon since I first updated. I hope it works. Lemme know what you think!


A group of fugitives are pursued as they attempt flight from a fortress of a capital city on the stolen prototype airship, the Valkyrie.

A group of fugitives engage in a fireball fighting fest over the city of Moscow. – Andrew Perez

Lol. Andrew and I were brainstorming a premise for Flight, and inevitably it went pretty far downhill. I won't even post the silly ones, but I'd love some suggestions!

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