Monday, September 5, 2011

A Pair a Day...

About 2 hours, just because I kept getting distracted. 

So now, I've decided I'm gonna draw these two every day (or almost every day) to relax after a hard day's animating. This is a great idea. Also I've rediscovered Sailor Moon and you might see a whole lot of Sailor Moon fanart flood this place.

You should listen to this while you look at this, I was listening to it on loop while I painted this.

Someone asked me recently how I set up my computer while I work, I actually have my desk in an L-shape and my cintiq is perpendicular to my screen so I'm not actually as heavily distracted as this screenshot tells.

So I have my references (mostly colour, to keep them all the same, and consistent on top of my work. I use a Cintiq 21UX, so I have plenty of space to work. If I had a side by side monitor system , this would be a lot easier to spread the reference out, but I don't :(. 

This works for me. 

I'm totally fangirling out on sailor moon it's ridiculous. My face right now, as told by Adventure Time gifs:

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