Sunday, September 4, 2011

Instead of going to bed...

Time: About an hour. Less than probably. I'm stupidly tired. (This is the only time I have to doodle)
PS CS5. I don't scan anymore because I ripped out a piece of my printer-scanner combo when there was a paper jam. Now it's broken.

I painted more cute shit. Alex kind of looks like a lumber jack. Or a Hipster. Also I discovered today that these two have a tiny, tiny, tiny internet following - probably because of Revolt, and how they were in it (because I was too damn lazy at the time to come up with original designs, in my defense, I had 2 months to do the film...)

So there's Alex x Lisa shippers out there, now you know their names. So you don't have to say "these characters" and ask me if Alex is a guy, because she has boobies.

Also, check out my friend's not so subtle hint that he wants me to join him in California here.

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