Monday, May 17, 2010

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: How to harness it.

I don't officially have OCD, but sometimes I think I do. I've been listening to "Telephone" By Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce for basically...the last two weeks.

In that span of time, I generated these, well not two weeks, about one a day over the span over two weeks. I'll go in order:

Time: 4 hours; medium: Photoshop
This was the first of the series, I just kind of threw it down, and realized how much fun these sort-of pinups were. I just kept going:

Time: 4 hours; medium: Photoshop
The jacket is a drum major's jacket, however not nearly as blinged out as Beyonce's in the music video.

Time: 6 hours; Medium: Photoshop
Why the jump in time? I decided to clean up.

Time: 6 hours; Medium: Photoshop;
I realized with the last one, the colour styling started to get too local, so I went nuts with this one - or tried to.

Also - my portfolio is now officially available here.
I'm revamping this whole blog.

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