Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If you were a girl, and you loved cats, you probably read Erin Hunter's "Warriors". It's a cute story, that I'm surprised hasn't seen more attention - and to be honest, it's a real imagination stirrer. I also wanted to try something different; I was talking to Darnell about layout - and I realized, I haven't worked out of my comfort zone of attractive women and architecture for a while -- so I decided to get my feet wet and try out cutesy cuddly cats and organic layouts.

the book cover, for the first novel. apparently it has a huge fanbase.

I've generated some preliminary location designs.

time: 2 hours; pencil, with some photoshop touchups for the light.

time: 1 1/2 hours; pencil with photoshop touchups for the light

Also, this is my younger cat, Raven, trying to communicate with the old crotchety cat that is Amber.

time: about 10 minutes; reason: it's happened too many times to keep track. Needs to be documented.

Oh yeah, one last update - The OCD hasn't seen the last of me and check out my portfolio at:

time: 6.5 hours, medium: photoshop

K. I'm gone to New York. Be back soon.

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