Sunday, May 9, 2010

REVOLT - as of Family Day

REVOLT - Final Film from Leisha-Marie Riddel on Vimeo.

So I decided to add a bit to this post - and probably hop on the bandwagon about the last four years and reflect. Part of me is a little disappointed that I didn't finish my film, since I had always intended on doing so (I mean who intends on not finishing, right?). But I just took a break from my film - about 2 weeks, and I came back and watched it and I realized that I did quite a bit of work in three months and I'm choosing to pride myself in that. I could have taken the same approach that Boris took with his film, "The Elephant and the Monkey"; which by the way, was beautiful. But since this is a musical, I wanted the production to be as huge as the acting - which took away a lot of time from animating, but that's okay, I'm happy with the final result. What I think I pride myself most in, is probably the acclaim I've received for making what I did, even though it remains more unfinished than most. And it is final, I'm not going to work (Too much more) on it. Like most, I've started on new endeavours - and I just came back from a very successful job test, so hopefully the company agrees as well.

In the last four years, I don't believe I ever thought my work was going to look like this - and I can say that my point of view, and my whole mindset has changed drastically, and not in a bad way (perhaps slightly more cynical, haha, but that's easily fixed with sleep and food). I've grown exponentially because of those that I surrounded myself with, and still I feel like I didn't get to know everyone I wanted to get to know better, so I hope I can work on that now.

I'm blessed to have graduated with this year, the talent I'm seeing graduate with me is actually stunning, and maybe the school wasn't the kingdom of animation heaven we were told it was originally, but I firmly believe now that it shaped a lot of us into what we are now - and for the most part, pretty damn successful. A lot of us, specifically myself when I talk of this, wouldn't be who we are or the skill level we're at if we weren't interacting with the people we did.

I'm glad to have gone to school with you guys, thanks for being so supportive. Good luck in all your endeavours.

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  1. Gosh this is absolutlty beautiful! The lip sync and the movement... wow. One day, I will be as good as this... I hope :S