Thursday, December 3, 2009

RED WOLFE poster -- inspired by Star Trek

I know, Red Wolfe is in the 20s, Star Trek is in space no relation.

I like the poster though for the movie, and I just did this on a whim and with some foresight, recorded it. It's not layout, but it's fancy.

Digital Painting Process - to "Enterprising Young Men" - Michael Giacchino for Star Trek 2009

If you don't feel like watching the process -- here's the final. Total time: 47 minutes.

Yeah I know, I'm totally humping the line when it comes to Wolfe's gender in terms of her appearance -- as Julia so delicately put it. This is the most feminine she gets in her tux, though. Her lighting isn't as exact as I'd want it to be, but this was just a wing-it kind of painting. I might revisit it.

Here's the one I did of Red -- she was a lot easier this painting came in at 24 minutes, just about.
And again, if you don't want to watch the process -- here's the final:

Overall the contrast is better in this one, but the detailing is better in Wolfe -- mostly because I Spent more time on it. I was kindly reminded that I'm running on about 2 hours sleep so I should probably go to bed. I think the most amusing part about doing these is basing them off photos of chiseled men -- and turning them into not chiseled women. Although Wolfe is getting a little close to tranny town, but she's still a woman there.

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