Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Panelist Portfolio Review -- Say that 5 times fast.

Portfolio has also been updated on carbonmade. To answer any questions as to why some of the layouts look particularly wide -- it's not because I'm making the jump to cinemascope, although that would be fun - they're actually mini-pans. 2-4 field pans.

Sc015 - storyboard panel

Sc015 - Rough Layout first pass
Sc015 Rough Layout - Second Pass; adding more character

Sc016 - Storyboard Panel

Sc016- Rough Layout
Sc022-Storyboard Panel

Sc022- Rough Layout

Sc023 - Storyboard Panel

Sc023-Rough Layout

Sc025 - Storyboard Panel

Sc025 - Rough layout/Poses
Sc034 - Storyboard Panel
Sc034 - Rough Layout

Sc039 - Storyboard Panel

Sc039 - Rough Layout

Sc047 - Storyboard Panel

Sc047 - Reuse of 39's background, new poses.


  1. dude, those stage shots - magnifique !

  2. Thanks Fraeya, they turned out well. Too bad the rest of them are being a pain in the butt!

  3. I really like how the charcoal powder looks, very nice :)

  4. this is all very amazing work

    so very inspiring to see someone this invested in their film.
    It's sure to pay off in the end.