Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not-So Pose Test Reel

Runtime: 2:33 avec credits.

This is the latest reel, the credits are wrong at the end but it doesn't really matter. It's for the screening anyway. Half of Wolfe's voice at the moment is the real voice actor, Jamie Metzger, and half of it is still me. The song hasn't been recorded yet, that's a job for January. Red's lines are being re-recorded over the break.

As most of you know, I'm taking my time on my layouts for portfolio. So this is why my reel is nowhere near being done.

Enjoy the scenes I had fun with after effects in.

Also - people have noticed a weight gain in Red everytime I draw her, so I drew this.


  1. Cool stuff, it's coming together nicely 8)

    Hahaha, did you know there's a whole fetish based on obese people? I discovered it on DA, if you just search for it, you can find a whole new world of big anime characters and comics.

  2. Yes!! I watched it without sound and the story is eons clearer than before. Bravo Leisha.