Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leica Reel v9 - dialog, but still no lyrics.

I really need to do something about the lack of lyrics, to smooth out the film a bit, but in terms of screen lock, I'm pretty much there.

Some of the drawings are pretty low quality, and some fully rendered, so the leica's a smidgeon on the inconsistent side. The dialog's pretty weak as it stands, but once I finally figure out how to write these lyrics, they'll smooth things out a bit and eliminate the useless lines.

For those who don't get it, I don't blame you, think Chicago. But since there's no lyrics, I guess that's kind of hard.

I would have had some, but as you can probably tell by the current recording of Wolfe's voice, I'm pretty sick. I sound like I have a turkey up my nose or I may as well have. I also kind of rounded up the voice talented at the last minute for this, I digress. Julia and I are the final voices for Red and Wolfe, but I'm sure I won't have a lung infection for when I do the sync and my go-to guy for sound's brother will be doing the band leader.


WOLFE - A very sick me.
RED - Julia Boublikova
BANDLEADER - Andrew Perez

I finally decided to post this, as its due tomorrow at 8 AM anyway, and because I suppose everyone's a little curious about what I mean when I say "my film's about sluts".

It's not really, it's about deceit, and "survival" and who can be the bigger pain in the butt.

I think Wolfe wins that one.