Sunday, October 25, 2009

I was going to do the 24 hour film thing...

But I fell ill. So here's my unfinished attempt.

time: 5 hours;

For those who are reading this and going, oh man, 24 hour thing? What?

Ashlyn Anstee
of third year was running a 24-hour film making-athon however, most of the fourth years participating kind of dwindled out I hear due to being overly tired from doing their leicas.
Or sick, in my case.

Check out the Cal-Arts 24/48 hour filmmaking-athons on youtube, there's some funny stuff. The whole point of it is to straight ahead something basically, for 24 hours and see where it takes you. Some people sit down and plan it out, but for the most part, people just go batshit crazy and straightahead.


  1. very cool! I especially love the "invisible cutting" :D

  2. It's too bad you got sick. What you have looks really good though. I don't know if you know this, but student rush tickets for The Sound of Music on stage in Toronto are 25 bucks. A bunch of us went a few weeks ago and it was pretty awesome

  3. That's quite the compliment Adam, and yeah, I'd heard but I don't have the time QQ;;

  4. Wait a second, I just realized something; those are some pretty old cats (unless, of course, they are referring to cat years)