Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stupidity, Royal Winter Fair Plans for Tim's Class, and Good News.

I can't seem to bring myself to do a nice painting the last few days. So have this instead.
Also my t-shirt design made it rather unanimously into the top 10. It has new colours now, however I don't have that copy. It's grey with navy lines now. Be sure to vote for the laszhurs on dinosaurs and flying ponies.

Also -- although I don't condone playing hooky, I will likely be travelling with the third years to the Royal Winter Fair this coming Wednesday.

The Third years are going to meet Tim at around 1:40, so they can attend Mike's class in the morning. So I would suggest meeting there at the same time to get the group discount. They actually aren't 100% on where they're meeting, but I'm assuming its the group entrance.

I'm not sure what Gerry's students are doing, but Tim's class hasn't heard of any visit to the Royal Winter this year. I'd still like to go since normally we do character studies instead of studies and gestures of animals and get some storytelling quality into our drawings.

I don't think we qualify for the student ticket discount, if the teacher gives the wrong number of students attending. I'll ask Tim, but I'm not sure I'll get an answer. If you're interested in attending with me, leave a comment on my facebook or here so I can see if he can contact the Fair and let them know that more students are coming. If it's just me and maybe one other person, then I'm sure we'll get in on discount.

So the good news. Red Wolfe is in production officially! I finished 99% of the workbooks, forgetting scene 20 (the one where Wolfe is pushed into the chair) for now, because it's a jerk and more complicated than it needs to be. I started the layouts, and yes, I did start with a colour key. But next in line are the digital pans. I have about 3 digital pans, and 10 pans in total.

Go Layout! I'm not posting the actual layouts up, but I'll post the workbooks later.

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