Sunday, October 11, 2009

Imploding in on itself like a dying star

time: 6 hours;

Some more stuff completely unrelated to my film, or my journal as it happens. I was watching Destroyed in Seconds which is basically Michael Bay but without the terrible actors and frivolous plot line and all the explosions anyone could ever ask for.

So I tried something more sustained, and I think it turned out all right. I'll likely clean it up and make it smell nice for portfolio time, but for now i'll leave it as such. I seem to have a thing right now for one point perspective. Technically this could be two point, but lets just say its one point for now.

EDIT: I re-uploaded with the suggestion of making Michael Bay proud by making the explosion brighter.

Leave love/comments.


  1. I like the pinkish colours. Explosions aren't typically assosiated with pink and purple (or so I don't think they are anyway) but it looks really cool.

  2. as usual, you take epic to a whole 'nother level haha

  3. @Mandy: Thanks :D I didn't really plan it out, and I was just searching with a lot of colour to start off with. So that went well.

    @Clayton: I try. It's funny because my film isn't that epic.