Saturday, October 17, 2009

It has everything to do with Animation

time: 2-3 hours;

I pitched it, then was forced into completing it. People like it.

Would you wear it as a shirt? There's everything you could possibly want aside from monetary aid - unicorns, dinosaurs, lightning and lasers.

! I can see the appeal.

Considering it's actually just the stupidest (albeit most epic) thing I could think of concerning a t-shirt design, I researched T-Rexes quite a bit. I watched about 2 hours of dinosaur documentaries, including the oh so creatively named Argentinosaurus, and the Gigantonosaur. But some cool stuff on youtube, if you need dinosaurs. Search:

"Dinosaurs BBC"

I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to draw Tyrannosaurs, fun stuff. They're so scaly and angry looking.

I am also turning 21 in two days, however I'm not a fan of birthdays simply because I don't like the attention.

But I do like the free food.


  1. Can I get that win t-shirt with a side of AWESOME!?

  2. I like the T-Shirt design alot, just not sure about the text. I think because the drawings are rough and the text is so solid, it kinda sticks out a bit. Maybe try writing it out scratchier? I'd buy it!