Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Wolfe: On the precipice of production - a small reflection

So I was drawing Wolfe (left) and Red (right) today, and I was thinking about how I can really begin to emphasize their personalities. This is just a mock drawing, since I don't actually want to put the production works on here - since there is some stigma against actually posting those up and revealing my wonderful secrets.

So prepare for a really long blog entry with few pictures!

I'm about to finish off my leica reel, disregarding the fact that I anihilated my thumbnail today and am having some trouble drawing - and experiencing some typical animation anxiety but I suppose everyone is who isn't blinded by some incredible delusion.

My design work is pumped and ready for production, and I'm really glad that I only have two principle locations. Both of which are relatively simple when broken down into the individual scenes. I'm going to focus on the character development in my film, as well as making really successful layouts. I suppose that's somewhat polar in approach, but the real focus is the layouts - I hope that comes across!

I'm a little worried about the animation, and the level of work that it'll entail. But I'm going to head on over to my old high school and draw some serious dancers and make absolutely sure that I can draw Wolfe's movements well enough.

I'm also workbooking the hell out of my film, so the poses in the layout and movements in the leica are all absolutely nailed right through the board that is production. I'm also being a complete geek about the "Sound of Music" which easily one of the greatest references for anything musically and film related, and especially for Red Wolfe, since there's at least 30 tail coats.

I'm not quite sure, but I've found some wonderful references for Wolfe's personality through the Von Trapp children in the Sound of Music. Being the character type she is, referencing prankster children was a great idea - regardless of how old she actually is.

Also, if anyone wants to see some really fantastic personalities, keep an eye out in the Sound of Music for Baronness Shraeder and Max Dettweiller. There's also some wicked dialog exchanges in the Sound of Music:

"Perhaps those who would warn you that the Auchluss is coming, Captain, and it is coming. Perhaps they would get further with you by setting their words to music."
"If the Nazis take over Austria, I have no doubt Herr Zeller, that you will be the entire trumpet section."
"You flatter me, Captain."
"Oh, how clumsy of me, I meant to accuse you."

Geeking out aside, I hope to see Red Wolfe through, and I hope to see everyone else's come through too!


Following Dawn Rivera-Ernester's visit to Sheridan today, and learning a lot about visual development portfolios and building one today. I began reflecting on my own work as an aspiring visual developer and as an artist in general.

As most of you who have been following my blog over the summer, you'll know I went on a massive digital painting quest as an act of self-betterment. I put all of my best work from the summer and then some into my portfolio for today - and realized that yes, I have decided to focus on visual development but between character and location? I haven't decided!

I really like doing character work, but location work is my obvious strength.

So I'm just going to see where my explorations outside of my filmwork take me, like my weekend works.

I'm doing my 24 hour film marathon this weekend. I'm heavily considering doing a Sound of Music tribute, just to have something to work on - but that won't really be funny. Darnell asked that I just animate "my big scary black man", a mock children's book that I wrote over the summer that is all things gloriously stereotyping, generalising and of course, racist. The book's based on Darnell's friendship with me, so really, it's not that offensive. :) Just a little.

So all my exploration will be here, as always. Follow along if you will.

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  1. I'm glad you liked Dawn's feedback. It's just too bad that she was so short on time.

    Anyway, since I'm heading for animation, I've decided that I'm not going to clean and colour my film (except for the required bit). I hope nobody will be disappointed in me. I really want to focus on great animation.

    And I really like that pencil layout you have in your portfolio, I think more stuff like that in a portfolio would be great 8)