Sunday, August 9, 2009

Location Design -- The Jazz Lounge Redemption

medium: photoshop; time: about 1.5 hours now

Since I'm going out today, and don't plan on speed painting in downtown Toronto, I thought I'd post this -- it's the beginnings to a location design painting for Red Wolfe. It's of the Jazz Lounge called "Redemption". You can see the box seats, for the rich patrons, the lounge seats for the well-to-do patrons and the peanut seats, for the not so lucky ones.

And Wolfe doing some serious undulating up on stage; there's no dancers yet, and I'm seriously considering just scratching them until the very end. I think it could work.

Even though I'm going out, I'll probably end up drawing in my notebook. So you may see art yet.

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