Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sketch Dump from Red Wolfe -- 08/09/2009

medium: progresso woodless pencil crayon, prismacolour pencil crayon;

Following an exciting evening, and a rather dramatic night -- I post these; the solution to the dialogue problem in Red Wolfe;

uncalled for, on-screen, intimacy.


Note: I thought I should defend myself here -- Back in the 1920s, bisexuality was relatively popular amongst women, as the suffragette movement was in full force, as well, women were generally beginning to realize they had rights in general which, unfortunately, began to exclude men. Several big stars were bisexual and had romantic affairs with both men and women, including Marlene Dietrich. But a lot of the stars would engage in this, mostly out of spite or for their own advances in the world - which is what this is, Red is looking for the garter, and since she's the veteran, Wolfe isn't about to throw her off since this could get her some good contacts, until Red finds the garter. Also, women of the theatre house were also just talented prostitutes for the most part - since what they made in the theatre was never enough so they would often supplement the income with sex. So Red's lewd actions are not unnatural to her, this is just another day. Hurray for history!

I really like the big-headed, skinny version of Wolfe [the one in the last group of sketches], in comparison to the rather powerful amazonic version [see second drawing] which is holding some variety of a string. She's much more of a victim that way, and that works for the storyline. Also, I'm likin' the less cute approach to Red as well, there's a few faces I drew today and the bottom one seems to the most suited.
Granted, they all look the same to people who aren't in my head, but if you stare at it long enough you'll see it.

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