Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some Process Stuff

Hi all, I decided to post some process stuffs (on request of Sanju). There's definitely a step or two missing -- next time i'll just record it. 
Thumbnails are really the bomb, also grayscale. Also I think everyone insterested in digital painting at all should watch this:

It's a very good short lecture on digital painting with a timelapse to boot. 

But you'll have to buy me a better computer. Ha.

quick rough sketch, I did about a billion of these until I came up with this one.
Quick grayscale to figure out what I thought I might do.
I started to fuss about perspective and get a good idea for the environment. I decide to reference the University at Portsmouth.
I realized the perspective on Alex is off, so I readjust her a bit. 
And a bit more.
 200 steps later:
This is sort of in the vein of "Draw two circles, now draw the rest of the fucking owl", because I missed like 500 steps, but I got caught up in Noah Bradley's videos. I mostly wanted to capture the space of the environment but as well the energy of the scene. I also cleaned up my linework a bit so i had something to paint over and not look like an idiot.
I blocked in the colours that I'd be using for the final. Now I'm working on the final, and you'll see it in like a week. 

I'm still working on it, but I didn't want to post what I have now because i'd be like lying to myself -- its not done yet.


  1. Cooool! I like how you block in the values and then tighten up the drawing.

    1. Thanks! It's just how it works for me, a lot of people don't work the same way :) I have to force myself to be better and more economical with my values and work on muddiness, so that's a lot of the reason why I did it here. (Not sure I'm making sense, its monday)

  2. sweet scene. can't wait to see the final!

    1. Thanks Sanju :) I might see if I Can get it done sooner than a week. It'll motivate me to do more.