Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blackout in protest!!

It's kind of like the Government was having Marital Issues (read: deficit and healthcare reform) but they couldn't deal with it, so they got angry and kicked the dog (read: created SOPA/PIPA)

What a lot of my fellow artists seem to be missing, not that their favourite sites will be taken down, or censored. I am upset that there are sites that I like a lot that might be taken down, HOWEVER, that is not the issue that affects us as this digital generation of artists, the most -

What affects us the most is that any professional work that we have done for hire, for a studio or freelance, will no longer be available for your use if SOPA/PIPA gets passed.  

So what does that mean for you? 
  • No more portfolio sites with work you've done professionally. 
  • No more demo reels with work you've done for studios. 
No you don't get an investigation, it just gets taken down without warning. 

Blogger isn't exactly friendly to me covering everything with black.

So I did the next best thing. For the next day, my blog will be black like this.

What I am saying here is:

F*ck SOPA and PIPA.

Now that I've gotten that juvenile burst of vulgarity out, make sure you sign the petition from Google, linked through the image above. Learn what you're up against, and protest this bill, because it's stupid and should never be passed in a democratic society. As a blogger, and someone who frequents all of these sites threatened by SOPA.  Probably the poorest defense against Piracy, ever. The Oatmeal probably put it the best:

It's like dealing with a escaped Lion from the Zoo, by blasting kittens with a flamethrower.

Effectively the largest slur on democracy I have ever seen. Want to stop piracy? You should probably focus on the more trying matters first, Government. Like your massive deficit, that's probably more important than how many movies people illegally download, or how many people put a picture of Oprah riding a sea-doo, with Jesus on the backseat on their website. Or how many people make awful gifs of Naya Rivera spitting a rainbow into Lea Michele's mouth on tumblr. 

That's my two cents. Or ten cents. There was a lot of writing there.

It kind of seems like the government is throwing a tantrum because they can't fix anything else, so they may as well shut some shit down. It's cutting off your nose to spite your face.

It's like getting angry at your kids so you turn around the car so you can't go on vacation. Everyone loses. 

Sorry, because it's blacked out, it's hard to read. My bad.

****UPDATE 11:06 AM****

That's right. It's irresponsible to censor information from people, but we'll just shut them down when we win.


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