Saturday, November 12, 2011

West Side Story

30-45 minutes. Photoshop CS5

I've had "America" embedded in my head since I saw Glee last tuesday. Also I like West Side Story anyway, so this isn't a case of, Oh the Glee version of this song is so much better THE DEAD VERSION OF YOU IS SO MUCH BETTER

I actually like West Side Story. Long story, I could have probably auditioned for it in Grade 12 at my high school, but I ended up boycotting the theatre after a debacle I encountered the year prior. Too bad. I might go into community theatre sometime. I would be an awesome Maria - being a soprano of the untrained nature.

This poster is kind of like if Jamie Metzger's Paso Doble met West Side Story. Also I fully realize that Anita is not the main character, but like I said, I have America embedded in my head.

Enjoy something that actually has nothing to do with anything else I post.

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