Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some First Kiss.

In honour of Liberals in Ontario getting re-elected, have some homosexuality, because that's GAY. I'm just kidding, I don't mind. Let's not talk politics here.

I didn't max out the width on this, because you know what, some people would find this offensive. but seriously, if you didn't expect this here, by now, I don't know why you're still here.

This was mostly to practise drawing kissing, because I know, I'm terribad at it. I don't leave enough room for face, and then their faces melt or go all skewy. Don't worry, these characters aren't just making out for the fun of it, it's canon to the storyline.

You should practise drawing kissing, it's actually really hard.

Sorry, I've been wildly ill, so i haven't been posting.

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