Thursday, August 18, 2011

Featured on Guys With Pencils!


So recently I was featured on an episode of Guys With Pencils with Andrew Murray and Adam Hines, two talented fellows themselves who decided to start up a podcast that talks about animators, or to animators in the Toronto Area - about their careers, how they got there and things that motivate or inspire them, while being really funny about it.

I went on to Guys with Pencils to talk about how this blog, youtube and the internet in general has landed me every job I've gotten so far. It was a great interview, with a lot of laughs, and a lot of stumbling over last names. If you click the above image, you'll get the blog, but if you click here you'll get the podcast (not on itunes).

Sorry this took so long to post guys, I was at the cottage until a couple of days ago.


Also, my Yuliya and I made a film for the 24 hour film marathon Manimate run by Ashlyn Anstee - and we snagged BEST FILM - GROUP. We almost thought it was unfair because we were the only group, but there in fact, was a second group. Here's the film:

And the rest of the films are available here!

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