Thursday, August 18, 2011

Digital Painting Block ins - Time Lapses

After seeing Kyu post his time lapse, I realized that it'd be a great way to see what I do wrong when I paint digitally if I recorded it, and I could see solutions much easier instead of wondering: "Hey how did I start this yesterday?"

So I recorded the block ins of two illustrations, then I decided to upload them, and slap on some cool songs to them. So now you can see how I screw up and how I succeed. Nothing's been cut, or edited out, all my screw ups are intact - including me going for about 10 minutes on each of them before actually saving for the first time...haha

Generally speaking, if I'm going to do a proper illustration/painting, there's thumbnails to be had, but these are for fun - I wanted to just start them and see where they went.



  1. Hey Leisha, that was really cool ! Thanks for recording. I was kinda surprised that you paint over your lines instead of under them. But I guess that's how you get those nice graphic shapes. Do you ever start up doing the rough painting under lines and then finishing over ? I've seen your linework and it's really beautiful. It might be interesting to try and preserve a bit of it in the final piece. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. It's great to watch someone with your skill struggling with details. Not in mouthful of marbles obscure german word kind of way, but in a 'I've so been there' kind of way.

    LOL Naked. Hee hee.

  3. @Fraeya: Hey! Thanks a lot for the kind words - yeah, I agree, my lineart is pretty strong but I think I'm trying to improve on both ends before I start combining them. Although I combined these powers in Suzy Shears. No problem <3

    Awww thanks. That's very sweet. Yeah, I think polishing is one of the hardest parts about this industry - you can have the energy and the heart in your work but if you can't polish it, it shows. Stilllll working on that. haha