Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If you were curious about their clothes...

When I was in High School (those charming years of my life), I really, really enjoyed costume designing and I still do. The other day, I was flat out bitching about how much I didn't want to do all the clothes that these characters would potentially be wearing - especially Lisa, being a civilian. 

Julia turns to me, and she says: isn't this supposed to be your favourite thing to do aside from your career?

So yeah, she had a point and I engaged in costume design, and she was right. I also realized how much impact clothes have on your overall appearance, I mean I obviously knew this, but in painting it, I realized the staggering differences of waist lines, and cuts of pants, and how much your clothes affect your masculinity, your femininity or even your overall attractiveness.

In terms of Solace, I realized that not all these characters can have outstanding fashion senses - and while I'd like to think mine isn't bad, I Can't have them all wearing clothes that are wildly flattering to their appearance. I thought it'd be much easier to relate if some of them were slobs, or didn't pick the right clothes. 

I also, even though it does take place in a mildly post-apocalyptic future, there's still civilization and there would still be trends. I'm totally cheating it, and saying fashion is repeating itself, again, and that way, they're not wearing things we could never relate to. And Chucks are classic. You can dispute their choices, these aren't final, but lemme know what you think!

From left to right: Semi formal, Casual, her most recurring outfit (work outfit?), Night Out
 Left: Work Uniform/Superhero Outfit, Right: What she was found in, her civvies.
Also, Julia owns a pair of gladiators extremely similar to those. They're baller, aren't they?

If you like this brush, which I know you do, you can scroll down a few posts and find it. I'd say check the labels, but I honestly don't think it has a proper label.

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  1. For the most part they all follow a similar look (ie: time period) but the reoccurring outfit and work outfit stick out. The reoccurring outfit looks more 90's were as the rest have a contemporary feel and the work outfit's waistline is more 60's. They're also all very feminine - I'm not sure if that's what you want.

    Also, you probably don't remember me. We went to high school together for a period of time. I was two years younger than you and was annoying with a cat hat. I found you off of Kat.