Monday, August 2, 2010

More Watercolours

time: about 5-7 hours, over the span of two days. medium: windsor and newton watercolour cakes.

These really aren't scanning -- but I guess that's what I get for painting in a book. Also the colours are inaccurate here, so I guess the only way I can show you is if I come up to you and show you the book. I added the frames in photoshop - and the text. The pages isn't actually big enough for me to have painted the text in which would have been preferable.

My friend Carla commented on the last post about making a possible graphic novel and it's always been a plan of mine. If I were to advertise what I really wanted to do - I'd love to get back into oil painting and eventually end up at Massive Black doing art for them. Realistically, any art department would be fantastic - right now especially. I'd keep writing personal and make my own graphic novel on the side.


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