Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some more Watercolours from the last few days

time: About 5 hours (drawing and painting) -- medium: Windsor & Newton Watercolour cakes
with digital touch ups
I didn't finish this one, mostly because doing a graphic novel without an official script is quite silly. And I didn't plan it out that well. I kind of had a moment of madness and started drawing.

time: about 2 hours; medium: Windsor & Newton Watercolour cakes

I have this painting on my wall, it's the cover of the novel "A Family Affair" by Maeve Haran, and it's one of the nicest watercolour paintings I've seen -- and I tried to do something similar. I don't like how it turned out, but it was worth a shot.

time: about 3 1/2 - 4 hours; medium: Windsor & Newton Watercolour cakes

He's totally missing a hand. But that's okay. Lesson learned.

My digital work is kind of sitting on the backburner, right now, since my cintiq still hasn't arrived and the intuitiveness of traditional painting is kind of taking me over. Once I get that cintiq, however, I can tell you that my digital work will be done in like a DAY.

Anyway, enjoy some watercolour explorations. I hope you have just as much fun looking at them as I did doing them.

EDIT: They kind of scanned AWFULLY because they're in a book - and my scanner's not a huge fan of books.

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  1. woohoo, water-color! These are nice Leisha; would you ever do a graphic novel or something similar in that medium? I think these turned out well.