Monday, June 28, 2010

Drawing High?

Ok, so I was feeling really under the weather today, but I digress a lot of energy is NOT spend doodling in your sketchbook. If you're wondering what I mean by drawing high, I suppose some of you production folk might not get it, which is fine, but I have this thing about drawing -- meaning, I love it, I love it more than animating which is probably why I dropped it like it was hot. Sometimes I get inspired by music and I just need to draw, and it always comes at the worst time, like, 12:30. And I just have to draw until I don't feel like it anymore, or the drawings get so bad that I need to stop to save myself the embarassment.

The following pages started at about 12:30, and ended at around 2:30. It's pretty funny going from the first to the last image, watching how they get progressively worseI was cranking my favourite glee renditions, including Funny Girl, Rose's Turn, Faithfully and Four Minutes. All of which are musical crack. They're done with Nobel and Staedler lead holders, 2H and sometimes 2B. Yes, I tend not to draw men of my own accord.

this is about where my brain exploded, when I Started chair dancing to "Four Minutes"

Rose's Turn is amazing.

Also, I'm craving some life drawing that's hella easier access than what I have access to right now.

Also, again, 5 days until my cintiq gets here. And when it does....

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