Monday, November 23, 2009

Something from Third Year

I found this today, in my sleeplessness, and I decided to post it up. It's from third year, and one of the few things from third year that I can look at and not make my cringe. My film, surprisingly, is the other. The Auction was pretty boss, looking back on it.

I did it entirely straight ahead, so I suppose it's kind of like my 24-hour film thing, but it was over a span of a few days then I gave up mostly because I had done no prior planning and I hit a wall where no prior planning dies.

So yeah, I present to you, the scribbliest thing I've ever animated. And yes, that is Red's design - she's existed for a while. Red is essentially that design + a very large chest + a very large derriere.

Also -- The Labyrinth is back at Sheridan, since they basically live there.
Anyone else looking for stuff?

I'm probably leaping all over Dream Worlds finally, but for sure, I'm dropping the money I don't have on the Tekkonkinkreet artbook.

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