Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Red Wolfe - Too many pans? And Royal Winter

After much deliberation, I decided it was okay to post some production work up. Here's some of the heavies from the pile of layouts that I just finished. I have about 15 pans, and 30 layouts. Yes, I actually cut it down from 40. These are just the digital ones, and the effort I put into them tonally was somewhat minimal. I'm doing the traditional ones with graphite powder and love. I might not post those, just to tease.

So as a treat, I also included the lines from the script to accompany the rough layouts.

Sc.002 --
"The jazz hall is littered with boozehounds, flappers and dapper fellows. A single spot shines on the curtains which has a silhouette of a person in tophat standing aloof."

Sc. 005
"The wings of the Redemption are rampant with activity, as costume racks fly past, the longest pair of legs you've ever seen stomp up the stairs to the star dressing rooms."

"You get a flash of leg, and the glimpse of a girdle as the woman travels up the creaky hallway."

Sc.007 --
"She kneels down to hike up her fallen hosiery once more, as she's missing her left garter. She catches something out of the corner of her eye from her gussying up and notices a poster that reads - "ALEX WOLFE, TONITE!" plastered over another. A robed arm reaches up and rips off the top half exposing the one underneath; combined they now read "RED WOLFE, TONITE!". The woman storms off in the direction of the starred dressing room..."

And now, on a much less slutty note, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair drawings:

I call the above: RACISM.


Nice number.

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  1. dude, that is pan-tastic :)