Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ended up not going out -- Digital Painting Galore

medium: photoshop cs4, rage; time: about 2 hours before I closed it out of rage

So I started doing this one, but then it failed miserably. I tried to save it, and then it failed some more, so I got mad at it.

Then I was scouring around the internet and I got inspired by Garrett Hanna's work, so I pumped this out instead. It's also completely impertinent to Red Wolfe ,and it's also from Flight, but hey. Not entirely useless, I got practice out of it.

medium: photoshop cs4; time: about 31/2 hours

This is Michelle Valdez, she's the doctor and she tries, but often fails. Michelle's half black, but black from Puerto Rico. She also manipulates wind. I tried to show wind. Here she's deflecting projectiles, with her wind powers of great justice.

It's also at full resolution, so the full 1920x1200 because I for whatever reason, didn't resize it. Enjoy the massive resolution or curse your bandwidth.

1 comment:

  1. hey, tons of great stuff here.
    im so inspired to do daily painting now :D

    keep it up, i'll be visiting often.