Monday, April 29, 2013

Daenerys Targaryen Study

About 3-4 Hours using Wacom Intuos4/Cintiq

So I'm pretty shat at studies, and I'm totally jelly of my Concept Lead Abe, who is literally a painting machine

so I thought I'd do one of Dany, and especially since she's literally the most wonderful thing on prime time television at the moment. It was fairly difficult, but that's because I was swamped most of the day - didn't have too much of a break - then some stuff happened.

I was going to work on my youtube channel Next Estrogen that I work on with the Voice of Reason (Rosemary) of Guys with Pencils, and I forgot a bunch of files - so that didn't happen either.
So I Finished this. Enjoy!

(so much name dropping)

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