Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy Busy

Hey folks

I just decided to post this - and write some shit because I've been so busy with life and work and more life, that I haven't really told you what's goin on. Met some cool folks over at Bento Box/Bento Miso here in Toronto, @henryfabre has been giving me some lovely advice for my own work and I'm really trying to find my passion again.

I admit! I fell off the boat a bit, I lost a lot of love for my graphic novel, my own story writing and even my portfolio. But I'm getting back into it, I like personal work again. 

Work has been truly busy lately, which is partly why I only really post doodles.

So I just posted this to show how I'm currently working. I'm doing a lot of referencing nowadays, and I know that reference is a big deal, but I'm doing a lot more than I used to. Which is a good thing! So this is how I set up my workspace right now.

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