Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sketch Dump #003

I guess I should write something here - I just moved to Toronto, and I'm still settling in. Let's be honest, after 23 years of suburbia, 18 of which I distinctly remember (due to the development of long term memory after 5) - it was time to actually make like a young adult and be independent.

In terms of art, I'm sort of embracing my abilities with ink and definitely not my abilities of page economy. That half an inch of space at the bottom of every page is pretty funny after a while (and I have about 10 more pages to post too!)

I hope you all have been keeping well, I know I have. I wish I had more to post, but I have been busy with crunch time at work - working on Gameloft's latest mobile game. 

I've also been going sketching with RozMitchBen, and a few others! I know those three go every week which is why I mention them. 

Last week we all ended up drawing fish in parkas or fur coats - it was fabulous. I definitely based mine off of  this hilarious Game of Thrones post by the extremely talented Chang Dai

Anyway, I'll stop talking. Enjoy art.


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    1. Thanks Ben! I actually have another 10 or so pages to post tonight too, so I hope you like them as much :)