Friday, March 30, 2012

Art Jam Post: Flyin Forties Propaganda

"I actually rolled the 80s, but since Hyein did the 80s already, and I hate the 80s, I rerolled and got the 40s. The 40s were propaganda-heavy, and my favourite watchman/minuteman was prominent in the 40s I thought why the fuck not.
I imagine Silhouette is pretty pro-war, or at least pro-VJ day because of that kiss. Ha.
It's also a bit UPA, which was also the 40s. " -- Original Post
 This was something I did for the Art Jam, its pretty funny. I went crazy, because I'm pretty tired. 5:15 AM today.

To clarify, I'm not pro-war. The Art Jam is for fun, and this was for fun. I was mostly in it for the Shark planes.

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