Friday, February 10, 2012

Suzy Shears, Captain of the Queen's Fist

I redid her. Her last costume apparently didn't have enough useless crap on it.  is now leaning towards Steampunk. I do find the design theme Steampunk heavily overused so I toned down the crazy, it could be crazier.

I like the direction Bioshock took, it's not quite as in your face as it could be.

If you're wondering why I'm revisiting Suzy, I'll come up with a proper explanation with images sometime soon.

Also, if you look at the last three full body posts in sequence, it's like a pokemon evolution.


  1. Fantastic! Look at the rendering on... that nose! I love those goggles, too! :D

  2. HAWT! her and the drawing. "apparently didn't have enough useless crap on it" hahahahah nice steam punk goggles.

  3. Look at that cutie! rosey nose and holding an empty bottle? Co-incidence? I think not. cause she's hot, I really like the dress shes got. I would comment on her bust line, but I'm sure that I'd get shot.