Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reaction to the End of "The Hunger Games"

So I just finished reading The Hunger Games, of which I am well aware is meant for children one half to one third my age, but w/e.

This was my reaction to the last chapter. Now I have to read the second book, which I would anyway, but now I have to.

Also I'm going to do what Faith Erin Hicks did and practise my comicbooking on an excerpt from The Hunger Games, possibly from the actual Hunger Games section, since she did the first five pages or so. Maybe if enough artists do enough pages we'll have an entire graphic novel of mismatching styles and panels but nevertheless, a comic anthology of The Hunger Games.

Read it if you haven't, it's not a long or hard read.


This is something I pictured when I read the bit about Foxface rejoicing in a section of the book. It's not a massive spoiler. It's just a girl with red hair laughing at a pile of crap.


  1. EXACTLY. so much frustration in this book, and so spaced out that it actually makes the plot thinner D: