Saturday, February 25, 2012

Next of Kin, Page 007

Sorry I haven't been posting. (Leo I'm looking at you). I'm at Gameloft Entertainment full time now, which is super cool, except my commute isn't, it's really, really, long. It's actually not the longest commute, honestly, but it's like 20-30 minutes driving, then about 40 minutes waiting for the train and actually getting on it and going, then 10-15 minutes walking (20 if oyu count getting that coffee I need for getting up at 545 AM).

So no, I'm not big on doing comic work when I come home at night after all that. Haha. But I'm going to continue its production at 2 pages at a time, once a week.

yep. moving to downtown soon I Guess.

Also I realize the drawing doesn't continue in the first panel of this page. I'll fix it tomorrow. So tired.

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