Friday, December 30, 2011


Some important things to think about
When drawing/colouring semi-realistic female characters. (Ie Anime, Comics)

A lot of the time, the problem isn’t so much the design, but if you’re intent on drawing semi-realistic women (or men), you’re probably not doing it for the character design aspect. You’re probably doing it for a story, so keep that in mind next time someone says they look similar or they’re not that appealing.

If you’re doing it for a story, what other people think of the design does not matter one iota. It’s your story.

But, you probably want to make it as right as possible anyway, which is why you’re reading this. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re drawing semi-realistic women. No, it won’t be tl;dr.

1.       If you’re painting/colouring them, draw the face as if they’re not wearing makeup then in finalizing the face in colour, apply makeup as you would on your own face. If you’re a dude, then watch some Michelle Phan videos on youtube.
a.       Ex.
Disclaimer: I obviously odn't own Marge Simpson or anything pertaining to. It was just to clarify that you don't want your makeup phasers set to less than stunning.
Some notes about makeup:

  • Most of what you need isn't foundation, man, you're painting, just make their faces the right colour. In Colour and Light for the Realist Painter (or something like that, sorry, I misplaced it in renovating),  the face is broken down into three colour schemes - yellow at the forehead and half of the eyes, red, nose, and upper lip, and blue for the area around the lips, which are obviously red, not blue.
  • Research different types of eye shadow application, and what lip colours go with what skin tones - otherwise you end up with hookers. Be careful with blush, it can come out gaudy if you go nuts.
  • If you want to push youth you can redden up their nose and cheeks. 
  • Avoid drawing in eyelashes as if you applied mascara, paint it on after with a softer brush. It's a bit too strong - unless that's what you need. 

2.If characters are looking similar, but you drew their faces differently – it’s probably the hair line. Hair plays a big role in how you recognize someone. Look at their bangs (if any), and how their hair sits on their head. Is it similar to other characters? See below:

I tend to style my character's hair in one particular direction. I think it's because I'm right handed, and I naturally sweep that way.

That's all I have right now. Just a couple of protips that I've learned about drawing women and how to make them more natural instead of setting your cintiq pen to whore. If that's what you want, go ahead, but if you're trying to create the girl next door, I don't think she clarts on her makeup like icing on a cake.

cake face.

Foot note: Oh and obviously, match the makeup to the time period.

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  1. Awesome blog! :) I should have came across it earlier! Love your sketches below too!