Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

"My Favourite Things - A Gil Elvgren Tribute"
Time: 12-15 hours Medium: Photoshop CS5 and Painter 11

Last year I posted a card that posed a challenge for me, there was a lot going on - and a lot of characters, so I thought this year - not that last year's was bad - I would attempt to do something where I could spend more time on the quality instead of the magnitude.

Then I had work and Holiday preparation and I had about as much time to do it as I did last year.

For this year, I discovered that people consider "My Favourite Things" a Christmas tune (likely due to Oprah). From this, I chose two of my favourite things, pinup ladies and Gil Elvgren.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed painting it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. See you in the New Year.

(Also yes, I realize she looks a bit like Ariel)


  1. Rawr! WELL THAT'S a Merry Christmas if I've ever seen one!

  2. I'm definitly going to try out something with Painter after this ^^
    Merry Christmas to you!