Sunday, November 20, 2011

Waterloo Animation Festival

I'm not gonna review it, my experience was not as pleasant as my previous one - as the film I drove out an hour and a half to see got cancelled.

However I got some drawing done! But I forgot my sketchbook, so I Did it in my agenda... Close enough. 

But my scanner driver is crap. Too bad. Canon makes the best scanners but some of the worst printers, HP makes the opposite, apparently.

Julia was particularly hyper after we laughed our asses off
at the replacement movie.
Some patrons of the Waterloo Animation Festival.
Most of them left when they realised the film had been
More Patrons, and Mike and Julia.
Mike slouches epically.
FOOTBALL IS A SPORT. So is hockey.
Find the Adventure Time reference.
Me miserable, and Diana, not as miserable.
Elephants, a shitty scan, and some more FOOTBALL.

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