Monday, November 21, 2011

Tucker Smith (Ice in West Side Story 1961)

I watched the second half of the movie today, for the first time in a long ass time, and "Cool" really stood out, and it might be because Tucker Smith has the craziest blue eyes ever.

Also my layout is currently in shambles, I'm still fixing the HTML for a lot of it - and recreating assets, but right now I didn't feel like working on it. Or finishing the header, but yes, if you're wondering, that is Harmony from Glee. Lol. "Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do" shuffled on, it was destiny. I am aware that about 20 minutes ago, I Called her Melody, but I REALIZE I am stupid and that is not her name.

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  1. Thanks Leisha. I found your site after watching West Side Story once again and finding myself obsessing over it. I love your drawing of the late, great Tucker Smith. What a wonderful tribute!

    Yes, he was certainly "cool as Ice" in West Side Story, and I was always drawn to him. Maybe because he reminds me of the first guy I ever dated.