Friday, February 11, 2011

Sketch Dummmmppp

I've been bloody busy, so I apologize for my blog stinking like stagnant pondwater. Hopefully this will make up for it. I've been busy sorting out my future employment, much to my dismay and excitement.

So I started using my moleskine more often, and it's a lot of fun. I've been trying to develop a stronger sketching style, one that I can proudly show off - and this is where I've gotten so far. I actually coloured one too! It was my favourite, and demanded the attention - rightfully so. Enjoy.

Mediums - Coloured one: Photoshop CS5. Everything else: Prismacolour Col-Erase Blue, on Moleskine (smooth blank paper. Not the sketchbook one).

A little anecdote: Someone in an art store that I will not name, insisted that I buy a sketchbook moleskine if i was going to be drawing in it. I refused, of course, because I've been drawing in the blank notebook one forever and it has more pages, and I don't plan on painting in my moleskine, so why would I buy a sketchbook one if I didn't need the thicker paper?

So there you go - if you just want to doodle like I do, you don't need the sketchbook one. They are great though, but you can go without.

The right page is when I was explaining to my mother, how much a "metric shit tonne" was in comparison to a metric tonne. She enjoyed my lesson.

Everyone has a moleskine, if you don't, you have something similar. Don't lie. If you don't have one (because they are mildly overpriced), they're amazing, so get one when they're on sale. They're cheaper in America, than they are here too. So if you're American, no excuses!

I recommend it because it's nicer than drawing on pure white paper, and if you do end up colouring it - whether it be with coloured pencils or CS5 - you have the pleasure of having a background colour as reference.

It's also less glaring than pure white, so if you draw in the sun a lot, like me, it's less bad for your eyes.

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  1. heh, not to sound all hoytey-toytey (sp?) but it's true, the off-white paper is alot nicer to work with (good offset to the colours I use). I don't have a moleskine but I've got something similar and I think the format lends itself well to illustrative stuff. Keep up the exploratory sketches!