Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Sculpt, by the way

Oh yeah. I started a new sculpt of Alex, because the last one has teetered to the point of no return. I had originally intended on finishing it, but I think I'll just move towards this one instead.

I just wanted to show you some of the progress I've made. Camera is a Casio EXILIM. I don't know why the pictures have INCREDIBLE depth of field, considering it's a point and shoot, and I didnt' know it was capable of that.

I wanted to make her look like she was ready to run. In the background is the proportions... and a swiffer duster.

Building up her chest and shoulders.

Her hips, and what looks to be really short legs, but they're not.

I had to do some crazy wire wrapping to keep her shoulders from doing the unintentional flamenco when I wasn't holding them up. Also this has insane depth of field for a point and shoot camera. I'm kind of impressed.

I Realized that one of her shoulders was way lower than it should have been. So I fixed it, with good ol' stinky plumber's epoxy. My room has this awful rotten eggs smell to it now.

I attached some hands, her legs might be a bit too short. But she's not 100% secured yet. I can still save it.

This was my rather inelegant solution to her unicorn hairstyle.

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