Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card - Trial and Error

Hey guys, I'm sorry - I've been crazy busy! My mother is completely intent on getting ready for Christmas at least three weeks early - which has already failed, so you can imagine the state she's in. Also this was probably a bad time to take on some freelance work since I'm completely consumed with Christmas trimming and baking and other Get it? I'm hilarious.


Every year I make a Christmas card for my friends, and this year someone suggested the idea of having a Christmas card trade.
In all my brilliance, and leadership skills, I thought - "Hey yea, that'd be brilliant!"

So I led [WOW, I DID NOT NOTICE I WROTE LEADED] the pack out of my friends into doing this massive christmas card trade, but this year we decided to legitimately print them out and mail them to people's houses. Outstanding idea, am i right?

Except for the fact that I sometimes, in cases where I am given full creative control, have the decision making skills of a bottle of 99% USP grade Rubbing Alcohol. I think I need like, a producer of ALL my art to tell me what to do. I have since gone through about three designs, all of them failures or I've thought was a FANTASTIC idea at the time of conception but once it came to execution I realized how silly I was.

So I decided to post the sillies.

In all my big-headedness from my last painting, which turned out quite successful, I decided that I had the skill and ability to take on at least six times that work and finish it in the same amount of time. I was gravely wrong.

There wasn't any MASSIVE issue with this one, aside from the fact that I stopped liking it - and I have no idea how to paint a Christmas tree so I projected that I'd be painting it for the next several days and I have other work that requires my attention...And I'd already spent like 6 hours on it and I said "#($*% this." and moved on... [Also if you note, a good 1/5th of the Christmas tree is just MISSING.]

I have no idea what feeding a stray cat has to do with Christmas. Actually I do, the sentiment is adorable but why Red from Revolt? And why is the cat in the middle of a snowy field? Albeit, I like the design of this, I just began to question my logic, and it wasn't really my cup of tea in the first place.

I was listening to "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year" too much.

I moved on to do an updated version of a card i did several years ago - and I think I'll post the original because it's fantastic in its awfulness. I Did this when I was...14? If you'll take note, the Christmas tree is about four feet tall, but for whatever reason the girl putting up the star needs a boost even though she is entirely capable of doing it on her own. Yes there is a Mr. Bean's Christmas joke in there. No, I don't remember why Beyblade was an integral part of Christmas.

The updated card will house fictional characters this time, instead of poor excuses of caricatures.

The final christmas card I'll wait till after I send it out to folks to post it on here.

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  1. Ahaha,this was great.. I like the first one, the tree (what you've painted at the top) works out, I think..

    - the Mr. Bean reference cracked me up.