Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was cleaning out my basement when I found a sketchbook from first year, first semester - and I looked at it, and after recovering from laughing so hard I began to realize how much I'd learned in the last four years and that I'd really gotten my money's worth as much as I didn't realize I was.

I have to thank a lot of people that pushed me to be a better artist, and a better designer especially. Some people made me cry, but it was worth it. Some people just pat me on th eback and told me what to do - which didn't help me as much but it was good all the same.

If you have some characters that you've had for forever, like I have, you should do this - it's really fun.

So I wanted to show you my characters, some of who haven't seen the internet in a while, but their evolution is kind of shocking. You can actually tell who is who now.

I really don't draw her enough. She used to be important within the storyline too, now she's not. Sorry Charity.

This comparison isn't particularly fair because I didn't really settle on a design for her until this year, but interesting all the same. Yeah she's kind of based off my friend Emma, but Emma isn't paraplegic and owns a shotgun. She is just as badass though. :)

I love how the only thing that made her Asian, particularly, in 2006, was the fact that she was eating pocky. Now she actually looks the part. Mostly. Her hair might be too lustrous.


Hahaha, she had a mullet...I really like Crystal's design now. I'm glad she doesn't have a mullet now. I had bad taste as a 17/18 year old. (For those curious, and mathematically challenged, I'm 22 now)


Now I can actually draw ethnicities, my drawings aren't nearly as unintentionally-racist anymore.

Wow Alex, you used to be a badass - that had one lazy eye apparently. Now apparently, according to my Aniboom Youtube fans, you look like Guybrush Threepwood. Haha. At least she can emote now.

Now Lisa's a tricky one, I kind of morph her to whatever I need her to do - because I'm not a designer and I can't come up with a new design for a character at the drop of a hat like some can. Which is not to speak less of myself or others necessarily, but I decided to use Lisa's base design and adjust it for different roles. She's much more mature in Red Wolfe, and has whore lips on the telephone posters, but generally speaking, she's a cute character.
In 2006, she kind of had lazy eyes, but amazingly enough her hair style hasn't changed a whole lot except becoming better designed. Even that swoop in the bangs is still there.

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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