Sunday, November 28, 2010

More fight scenes.

I'm sick. Like more than I'm used to being without having some horrendous infection that I've brought upon myself by trying to tank life. So I've been nursing myself back to health with gingerale, tea, and Plants Vs. Zombies. Sounds good to me.

I'm beginning to realize the gravity of my error - for i now have to label the last three months posts as i haven't. In my sloth.

Eugh. I'm sorry. So here's some more fight scene gestures, and this post will be labelled accordingly! Until then I've integrated an archives element on the side of the blog if you want to find older posts.

medium: zebra F-301 ballpoint pen (aka the best pen on the PLANET) time: about 5-7 minutes each page.

Also, here are the keys from the last gestural page I posted. They aren't final yet, and its not the whole set (as the whole set doesn't exist yet) but here's a start.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! really exciting!

    altough, i have a problem with red's foot placement. usually, when winding up for that superman punch, your right arm would be winding back causing the upper torso to twist (following the arm going backward). if you watch MMA fighters, you'll see that when they make that jump for the superman punch, they've got their right arm back and their right leg/knee forward. having that right leg forward give them the proper power needed to throw that punch. making those changes would make your frames stronger.

    looking good so far, keep going!