Monday, October 18, 2010

Shameless Self promotion - and some idiocy

You should go to my portfolio, and tell me what's missing, because if you're reading this, you love me. <33

Seriously though, it's my story portfolio - and I have a couple of big interviews soon and I'd like it not to make me fail. :)

In terms of art...

time: 1-2 hours, medium(s): progresso woodless pencil crayon, gallery pastels, graphite powder

I did these, experimenting with traditional mediums in boards- and its goddamn gorgeous and totally time consuming. I do love Traditional boards. Julia lent me Paper Dreams, and I'm in love.

Once I have some sort of steady income, I'll purchase the book myself. :)

time: 1-2 hours, medium: prismacolour col-erase, photoshop because there's no awesome purple pencil like this.

After rediscovering Wolfe's previous life as a villain, I wondered what a sit down between the two villain versions would look like - and I Decided on gin, and smokes, and a lot of both. They'd probably spend most of the get together reminiscing how they offed their hero counterpart.
time: 20 minutes, medium: photoshop if you've never been there, you should - because it's hilarious. I decided to make my own pokemon of me;

It's a Crazy Cat Pokemon, in its first stage of evolution, it makes friends with one black cat, and carts it around - as it's a sympathetic type. Its name is Rii Rii.
Then Rii Rii revolves using the Teenage Angst stone, and becomes Angstrii - who doesn't hold onto any kittens.
After Angstrii gets over herself, she begins to hoard cats, and houses them in her humongously long, and fluffy tail.

I spent far too much time thinking about that.


Please follow my blog. :) It will make me smile, and I'm sure you like to smile, I'll follow you in return.

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