Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Job Searching Chronicles


am i right?

Well, recently, I went down to Cuppa Coffee for two tests and I began to realize that my strongest suit wasn't how well I drew or how good a storyboard artist I was.
I would remember talking to industry professionals or just my own peers about finding my niche and how they found theirs, and the typical response was:

"I just did. I dunno." (We're just so eloquent)

One of the less vague ones would be: "I didn't really find it, I just wanted it so I did it"

But I suppose being someone who was kind of reasonable at everything (or was), I couldn't really find what I was good at in Sheridan - and quite frankly, even after testing at Cuppa Coffee, I'm still not sure. But I did find my selling point - which is very important.

A selling point might be your incredible talent, but it also might be something else - like how incredibly organized you are, or how fantastic you are at networking, or in my case, how insanely fast you work (with some ammodacom of accuracy).

So to you fourth years - who aren't quite sure what you want to do - or where you want to go, figure out what a possible selling point of yours might be.

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